An authorial note on contentions and an advocate’s note on involvement in the #echoAV campaign

While I do seem to be targeting the Echo learning management system, A/V feedback options for online learner assignments could potentially bring benefits to many learning management systems, too.  I have done best to steer clear of critique of an organization (New Tech Network @newtechnetwork ) whose image for education I am very invested in.  Professionally, this series has certainly been a dusting-off of my knowledge and experience from my MSEd in Instructional Technology as well as my critical thinking about web and interface design.    Considering the investment in technology and development (more later), it’s debatable as to whether change will happen in the near future.  Nevertheless, the school technology specialist part of me has a vision, and I’m chasing it like a hound on a hunt.

Contention 2 may hinge (at least for me as an author) on more hypothetical assumptions of how teachers would provide feedback.  As a blogger in the hyper-connected 21st century, I invite my readers to collaborate with me on the next phases and encourage my readers to give more reasons for NTN teachers to have the functionality for further innovation.  You can add to the practical possibilities outlined here by submitting further ideas to a Google Form I set up in my original call to action.  With the next installment of this series looking at the applications in the classroom, I would surely appreciate your help (and note your involvement in the series!) as I write the next part.

Remember, too, that you can easily advocate through various means for this feature request…


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