T-minus 3, 2, 1… We have NTAC Ignit-ion! @newtechnetwork #ntac12

So, this is what the big moment looks like. After weeks of writing and rewrites…Memorizing and practicing and rewriting… I am finally sitting in the front row of the ball room at the 2013 NewTech Annual Conference (#NTAC12), ready to take the stage with my heart pounding and my brain running at lightspeed.

For this of you visiting my blog to find out where to find some notes, FAQs or resources from my Ignite talk, “The Cylons are still out there; don’t FRACK it up!”, see the page dedicated to that talk here: http://wp.me/P11pIV-tR There, you are sure to find something to read or use in your own classroom as you prepare your Echo Literacy Tasks for next year!

If you’ve got any feedback on my talk, please feel free to comment away on posts, Tweet me or contact me directly.

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