More than an “initiative”: The power of Ones at our school

This year, I was selected as one of the 2014 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovators of the Year. Given this honor, my South Carolina PBS station came to profile me.  In my first year as an edtech coach, I was more excited to share the stage with the courageous teacher trailblazers and adaptive student learners who are making great effort to make a digital transition at my school.

While the original intent of this video documentary was to be a profile, I find that the final product will work better if we look at it as a time capsule or benchmark of our first year’s accomplishment moving into blended teaching and learning.  There is still a lot of work to be done, but just knowing that our students and teachers are seeing such potential for connectedness, currency and collaboration (given these new tools) is such a big cultural movement in my tech coach eyes.

Leaders who commit to one-to-one without recognizing that “confidence to find the answer” or “bringing the class home with you” are critical cultural changes that are greater than standardized test scores… these are the values without quantification… these are the values that show that technology is for learning and not just teaching… those leaders who commit to one-to-one without these cultural mindsets may be too focused “one” that is the mechanics or devices of a highly-connected student body.  What is the first “one” in one-to-one…the device or the student?  What is the first part of your ratio-based device-to-learner initiative?  Revision: Who is the first part of your learner-to-device initiative?  To all considering wandering into one-to-one: You have to get the human parts right, too.

I’m so proud to say that these teacher and student profiles are be shared as just as much of an accomplishment as my own recognition.  And that we put so much more of our focus on what one kid can do rather than what one device can do.

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