Series Kickoff: Letting Learning Snowball

Snowball at South Park - Oxford by Kamyar Adl on Flickr

What is your plan when inclement weather keeps students at home? “Snowball at South Park – Oxford” by Kamyar Adl on Flickr

“Letting Learning Snowball” is a series specifically dedicated to teachers who will find themselves and their students snowed in during the winter months.  Thanks to access to technology, students can now take learning home with them.  Teachers can prepare lessons in downloadable videos or modules that students can access on a school-provided device or even personal ones.

This series will include some how-to resources, accountability measures, communications suggestions, formative assessment techniques, learner considerations and discussions of limitations.

This series was originally inspired and informed by an ISTE webinar found on Mike Gorman’s 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning blog.  His post “Over 25 Ideas for eLearning… Inclement Weather and Snow Day Make Up” is here, and the archived ISTE webinar “Online Learning for Inclement Weather” can be accessed here.

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