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One of the big goals for one of the schools I work for is to flip lessons in order to make room in class for more student-centered learning activities while in school.  After a book study of the keystone text, Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day by Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams, I began to prepare professional development on how teachers can use the tools on their MacBook Airs to prepare flipped lessons.  In this series, I will walk you through how to leverage Keynote to prepare a video that can be shared, downloaded and viewed by students on any video.

While many folks may be familiar with just narrating over PowerPoints or Keynotes and sending those files, this tutorial takes that practice to the next level.  If you just send the Keynote file, students would have to start a presentation entirely over to review just a segment.  By following the steps to export a video file, students can fast forward, rewind, pause or otherwise review in QuickTime.

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