Prepare your environment for a Keynote recording

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  • Did you know you can force any PowerPoint to convert to Keynote? That way, you don’t have to rebuild any of your presentations to start flipping your lessons. When opening Keynote, use the File > Open command to find the PowerPoint. It will convert automatically and report any bugs in the conversion process.
  • Recording should be done in a quiet place. If recording in school, be mindful of the bell schedule. (You don’t want a long “bleep” in the middle of your recording!)
  • Note that on MacBook Airs, the microphone is on the left-hand side of the laptop chassis. This means any noise on the tabletop will be amplified through the microphone. To avoid the risk of having tabletop noise:
    • Take off any jewelry on your wrists or around your neck
    • Have your glass of water, coffee, etc. on the other side of your Mac on a soft coaster (a pile of papers, a soft-cover book, etc.)
    • Take any script or papers in-hand before you click to record
    • Use a headset with a microphone to isolate any other background noise
  • When advancing slides during a recording, stick to the arrows on your keyboard. Pressing down on the track pad to “click” creates some messy noise in your recording. The keyboard arrows are much quieter and will barely be noticed in your recording.
  • Messed up? Coughed? Got a phone call? Or otherwise interrupted? See the section below on Re-recording a segment.

Recording Setup


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