ICYMI: ComicLife Pt 1 – Scripting Your First Comic Book

This is the first post of my ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) effort to follow-up on Tech Tuesday trainings I provide to my school.  I will do my best to upload materials and a short tutorial video in case you could not get away during your planning period this week.  Below, check out the 10-minute screencast from YouTube and the handouts provided during the session.

ComicLife Pt 1 – Scripting Your First Comic Book  Boom! Pow! Tap into students’ visual and creative side with ComicLife, which provides a new way for students to construct narratives. But first… let’s plan it out! This session will introduce you to the scripting features of ComicLife, which make the designing comic pages even easier. Scripting makes for a great project checkpoint and an easy way to check for students’ organization and planning.


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