Unlock Calculator Capacity in OSX

There are many hidden functionalities to the Calculator app built into OSX.  On this tip sheet, learn how to unlock Scientific functions, a ticker tape and other quick tips.

Add more functions

Unlock logarithms, trigonometric functions and programmer functions by using the View menu.

Calculator - Convert menu

View the history of your calculations

With Paper Tape, you can view the history of your calculations.  So, if you need to watch your order of operations, keep this running.  If need be, you can also copy/paste the history out of the Paper Tape and into another text box.

Calculator - Paper Tape

Make quick conversions of units

Whether it’s a measurement, currency or time, you can change your units.  First, input a number that you want to convert.  Using the Convert menu, select the conversion you want to make.  Click on Convert to have the calculation done for you.

Calculator - View - Scientific

For a printable PDF on Calculator Capacity, click here.



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