Ready, Set…Record voiceover narration in Keynote

Steps in italics have been copied from Apple’s support site with annotations added so you are prepared to make a more professional-sounding recording.  Would you rather see this process step-by-step?  A video how-to can be found on YouTube.

  1. Select the slide on which you want the recording to start.
  2. From the Play menu at the top, select Record Slideshow. Keynote - Play - Record Slideshow
  3. The recording mode shows you the current time, current slide, and next slide. To change the layout and see your presenter notes, a timer, and more, click , then select features.
  4. To start recording your presentation, click  at the bottom of the window. 
The timer starts counting down from 3 before recording begins.  This gives you time to back away from your Mac or the tabletop; take a breath; or pick up your script so that you don’t
  5. Speak clearly into the microphone to record your narration.  Remember from the previous post that the microphone is on the side of the Mac.  Again, be careful as you speak not to tap on the tabletop or tap jewelry on the tabletop.
  6. To advance to the next slide, click the slide or press the Right Arrow key.
  (Using the keyboard keys is recommended on the Mac, since they are so soft and quiet.)  You can pause the recording at any time by clicking the pause button. Click  to resume recording.
  7. When you’re done recording, click  to stop the recording.  Check out the next post in this series if you need to make a fix.
  8. Press the Esc key to save the recording and exit the presentation.
  9. To delete an entire attempt, click Clear / the trash can icon in the Recording screen.  This will delete the entire recording.

The Record screen in Keynote. Image linked from Apple website.


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