Re-recording a segment in a narrated Keynote

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Having an interruption in your recording can be a distraction to your listeners/students.  Unfortunately, there is a limitation to re-recording in Keynote: you cannot clip something out of the middle of a recording, just from the interruption point to the end.  Here’s a description of your options:

  • If your recording is interrupted (and you’re aware of it), then you would do best to click to stop the recording. Use the blue bar to drag/rewind back to the last slide that was clean.  Click the record button to re-record over the bad segment all the way to the end.
  • If you are reviewing your recording and realized you goofed in the middle, you will have to re-record from that point all the way to the end. In the record screen, drag the timeline indicator back to where you want to re-record and then start the recording again.  Click the record button to stop.
  • You can erase the entire recording from the Keynote. Click the Trash can in the recording window to erase the narration and timings.

Keynote - Recording Timeline

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