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Sending just the Keynote means that students can play the Keynote from beginning to end, but only from beginning to end.  Think about that for a minute: By sending the presentation file, you lose the big advantage provided by rewindable video.  Fear not, for these instructions will guide you through how to get that feature back with minimal effort.

By exporting the Keynote into a movie format, the viewer of the movie file can use QuickTime to pause or rewind the video.  This is a big bonus for students who are trying to review or reinforce the material you are presenting.

When you’re done recording the slideshow:

  1. Save your KeynoteKeynote - Export To - QuickTime video
  2. From the File menu, hover over Export To and select QuickTime
  3. To keep your file size under control, change the Format to 720p. Click Next…
  4. If you’re saving the video in the same spot as the original Keynote, give the movie a name that distinguishes it from your Keynote file. So, if your Keynote is named ChapterReview, add –movie to the end of it to make the file name: ChapterReview-movie.  This will make it easier to distinguish when you upload the movie to Edmodo or Office 365.
  5. After naming the file and putting it in the correct location, click Export.  This process may take a few minutes, depending on how long your recording is.

Watch out for the final file size when uploading to your learning management systems.  For example, Edmodo limits uploads to 100MB.  (To check your size when you run into errors, you will need to get the file info in OSX.)  Also keep in mind that students may have slow Internet connections.  For these reasons, you may want to select the 480p format or use a tool like Handbrake to shrink the video even further.

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