Tech Tuesday – ELA Content-Area Tech Integration

How do you move reading, writing, and discussion tasks “above the line”?  In this session, learn how to move toward transformational learning tasks (modification, redefinition on SAMR) in the ELA classroom.


  • Brainstorm what you’re already doing and let’s match it to a level on the SAMR model
  • Pick one of the areas below and let’s discuss how the tools mentioned can be used to move up the SAMR model to new learning experiences that did not exist without our technology.  Use the links to get a “tour” of how technology can pair up with ELA classes.




  • Discuss Online with Blogs  Using our Office 365 accounts, teachers can create interactive blogs.  Blogs have been used for students to practice writing reflections to reading, interact as characters in novels, independently write, or even practice creative writing personally.  Check out this YouTube series on how to set up your own Office 365 blog:

Project-Based Learning (PBL) Samples

Interested in some high-interest and authentic project ideas from teachers practicing PBL in their classrooms?  The Buck Institute hosts a project search engine that can be used to find PBL units of various topics, levels and standards.

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