ICYMI Tech Tuesday – PBL 107 – Getting Started

It’s time to create your first PBL unit. In this session, develop an idea; specify learning goals; decide on the project scope and write a driving question.

Today was the first day of a year-long series of Tech Tuesdays on project-based learning (PBL).  This Tuesday, we explored project-based learning (PBL) as defined by the Buck Institute of Education’s Gold Standard of PBL.  First, I spoke a little bit on the concept of “doing projects” versus doing PBL, referencing Buck’s claim that “doing projects” treats student engagement in projects like a learning dessert rather than the main course.  From there, each participant was asked to share a project idea and fit it into the Project Planning Tool from Buck.  While we could not possibly complete a project plan in one sitting, we at least started to conceptualize the twenty-first century skills that students could practice, given a real-world scenario or problem to study.

This session was about ideation.  As I facilitate more Tech Tuesday trainings on PBL, I want to be sure that each teacher/participant has an idea we can continue to tweak as we explore other components.  This is why I set up a self-guided Edivate/PD360 course that takes a deep dive into defining what project-based learning is in comparison to traditional projects.  With a common language to refer to, hopefully we can develop better PBL units that engage students in authentic, real-world learning.

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