ICYMI Tech Tuesday – Customizing Borrowed Media from Trusted Providers

Last week’s Tech Tuesday focused on the curation and customization of reliable video content for the purpose of creating flipped lessons.  The three approaches teachers take to making flipped lessons (Curate, Customize, Create) comes out of a book by Troy Cockrum, Flipping Your English Classroom to Reach All Learners.  Unfortunately, we ran short on time during some periods, and I was unable to show how I would use QuickTime to do some basic editing and personalization of video lessons from other providers.  This customization (to borrow Cockrum’s terminology) really helps to bridge student buy-in to the flipped classroom concept.  If there was one big take away from FlippedCon in Atlanta a few weeks ago it was: Students want to see and hear content or skills demonstrated by the teacher who grades them.  That tune has changed since Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams first wrote Flip Your Classroom; the two flipped learning godfathers have seen correlations between the level of personalization and the level of student buy-in at the many schools they visit.  So, how do you add a personal/customized touch to curated content?

I suggest a “bookend”.  That is: an introductory clip and closing clip that contextualizes the video students are about to watch.  (Duh, right?  Any teacher does that with videos they play in class…)  With QuickTime’s built-in video recording and editing features, this isn’t that difficult.  As I prepared to present at South Carolina’s EdTech conference last week, I finally had a moment to put together a short screencast of that process, which I’ve embedded below.  As word of caution: Be sure you have the proper permissions for editing the video first or you may infringe on the copyrights of the original video provider!


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