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How do you move number tasks “above the line”? In this session, learn how to move toward transformational learning tasks (modification, redefinition on SAMR) in the math classroom.


  • As a conversation starter, we reviewed this SAMR Introduction video from Common Sense Media
  • Using out idea walls, sketch out what a technology infused lesson looked like this past week.math-152688_640
  • In a gallery walk, we will then identify what level on the SAMR model those activities fall.  Let’s also discuss how the tools mentioned can be used to move up the SAMR model to new learning experiences that did not exist without our technology.
  • Below are some suggested technologies that would integrate well into math courses.  Some were mentioned in our sessions, some might be new.

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  • MathType is a paid application, but one of the more effective equation editors that lets you post equations into documents, presentations,
  • OneNote Class Notebooks – Make an interactive notebook by pairing their software with your iPad or other touch device.  Now, you can use your own handwriting to solve equations from your iPad so you can move about the room!

Guided Practice

  • IXL has been very popular with our teachers because of its automatic feedback when questions are answered incorrectly.  Instructions are given and the level of personalization is impressive.


  • Once you start dealing with shapes and three dimensional objects, SketchUp is a great free tool for educators to have students creating plans or designs.


Blended Learning

  • MathTV is a video provider with a good reputation for using multiple presenters to work through concepts.  One of the biggest advantages is that they have two Spanish speakers on-staff, too.  For example, take a look in the Geometry section.  Can your students not quite grasp parallel lines?  There are two videos in English and two in Spanish… perfect for accommodating your diverse learners!
  • Khan Academy has been a long-time provider of instructional videos on math, but has also recently begun to produce in other content areas.  Turn here for more advanced math and when your students can actually handle the rather dry delivery.
  • The Futures Channel provides interviews with working adults who can connect high school learning with real-world applications.  Use videos from The Futures Channel to combat “When are we ever going to use this?”.
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