ICYMI Tech Tuesday – Flipped Learning 216b: Voice-Free Videos with PowToons

Afraid of your recording yourself but you still want to create instructional videos?  In this session, we will use PowToon to create animated instructional videos.

After overcoming some Internet issues yesterday, we were able to explore some of the ways to make animated cartoons in PowToon.  Unfortunately, with the annual back-to-school promotion expired by now, we were only able to explore PowToon with free accounts.  This limitation prevents us from sharing PowToons via a link, file or upload to a streaming service…that is, unless we pay for an upgraded account.  Nevertheless, with the free accounts, we can use many of the characters, props and backgrounds to create up to a five-minute animated video that can be played full-screen on projector.  This gave us a snapshot at a tool that, if paid for, could be a viable option for creating instructional videos that can be flipped.


After creating an account, we then…PowToon logo

  • Added three slides
  • Added characters and text to one slide
  • Added photos from the Web to the second slide
  • Added recorded audio as a voiceover for the slides
  • Adjusted the time of each slide so that the viewer could keep pace
  • Brainstormed applications for both teachers and students


As a constantly-changing web service, PowToon does not have much PDF documentation readily available.  However, PowToon’s video tutorials are pretty thorough.


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