Tech Tuesday – World Languages Tech Integration

How do you speak and write in another language “above the line”? In this session, learn how to move toward transformational learning tasks (modification, redefinition on SAMR) in the foreign language classroom.


  • As a conversation starter, we reviewed this SAMR Introduction video from Common Sense Media
  • Using our idea walls, sketch out what a technology infused lesson looked like this past week.
  • In a gallery walk, we will then identify what level on the SAMR model those activities fall.  Let’s also discuss how the tools mentioned can be used to move up the SAMR model to new learning experiences that did not exist without our technology.
  • How do they compare with the SAMR-aligned ideas found at this website?
  • Alternately, we can skim through the “Places to Look” below to find more resources.
  • Later, I will post an ICYMI that recaps some of the suggestions made in-session and then what other suggestions I might have

Places to Look

Connect with Others

  • Edmodo – Be sure to sign up for your content-area community
  • Twitter – By searching for “hashtags” on Twitter, you can find conversations, ideas and resources that teachers share to teach world languages.  Here are a couple hashtags to watch:
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