New Series: Office 365 for Educators

This morning, I am launching a new series for my fellow educators specifically focusing on how to use Office 365 cloud tools in their classrooms.  I begin with a few how-to tutorials that guide students and teachers step-by-step on how to set up shared online Word documents, PowerPoints or Excel worksheets for online groups.  I have been working closely with a few teachers on using OneNote, and I hope to also add content to this series on those efforts.  I have also spent a lot of time creating screencasts on using Sharepoint Sites, which I have posted to YouTube.  As you go through these resources, feel free to add comments or use my contact page to make requests!
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1. Options for Collaboration

There are many formats in which students can collaborate in Office 365.  

1.) Using Word Online, you can share a document that everyone can write in at the same time.  

2.) Using Excel Online, you can share data and manipulate a spreadsheet in real time.

3.) Using PowerPoint Online, you can share a slideshow where everyone can modify slides and add content.  

4.) Once created, all of these formats are stored in OneDrive.  So, while you may create them here, you will find them all again in the OneDrive tab.  There, you can organize your files into folders, etc..

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