Sharing Word Online documents

Each collaborative group should nominate a group leader to follow the four steps for setting up your online document.  Only the leader needs to create the document.  After it is created, other group members and the teacher should get an email with a link to the shared document.

1. Sign in and select Word

Use to log into your Office 365 account.  From the Portal, choose Word Online.

2. Select a theme

From the Word Online window, choose a New blank document or another design you like.

3. Rename the document for your group

From the Word Online bar along the top of the screen, click on Document to change the name of the document.  For group projects, we suggest you use the task name, followed by a dash and then the last names of the group participants (i.e. Script – Babcock, Smith, Green OR Collaborative Essay – Babcock, Smith, Green).  That way, you can easily find the assignment and so can your teacher!

4. Share to your group and teacher

1.) From the Word Online menu, now click the +Share button.  

2.) This will bring up a pop-up where you can add your group members’ names to share the document.  (Tip: For student projects, you should also add the teacher’s name to the top box.)  Select Can edit if you’d like your collaborators to make changes in your document.  Select Can view if you want them to only see what you write.  

3.) Write a message in the second box if you like.  

4.) Then, click Share.

Your group members and teacher will receive an email notifying them of the shared document.  They can follow that link to join in on the work.

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