Tech Tuesday – Flipped Learning 405p- EdPuzzle for Video Quizzing and Lesson Mastery

Track how much of a video students watched; prevent multitasking and build formative assessments into video checkpoints… that’s EdPuzzle! The best part? You don’t even need a new account! Learn how to use EdPuzzle to measure students’ mastery of content from videos.

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  • Because of our school’s internet filtering, students will not be able to view EdPuzzles created from YouTube videos.  You will need to upload video files yourself to guarantee student access.
  • Using EdPuzzle, students cannot download the video for offline use.  So, if you’re accommodating students without WiFi service at home, EdPuzzle may not make a good homework assignment.
  • You don’t have to flip your class to use EdPuzzle; many teachers use this in-class so they can monitor student comprehension of a video before they go into higher-level aspects of a lesson.  So, teachers can use this to model film analysis/study before the class discusses or writes about the film.
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