Vision Supports in OSX

Apple’s MacBooks come with many vision accommodations built-in.  These settings allow changes in color, contrast, zoom etc.  There are also keyboard shortcuts which can turn these features on or off.


1. Vision Settings

Many of these features can be explored and changed in the Accessibility pane of System Preferences (not the Display pane).

For more on Accessibility:

2. Vision – Display Settings

Inverting Colors, increasing contrast and cursor size can be controlled under the System Preferences > Accessibility > Display tab.  

3. Vision – Zoom Settings

Turning on shortcuts to enable zooming of the screen can be accessed under the System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom tab.

4. Vision – VoiceOver

VoiceOver is a powerful navigation tool for those students with severely limited vision.  This tool allows students to use keyboard commands to navigate the interface and read the entire screen for the user.  In other words, students hear the MacBook speak the design of the app and its contents, settings, etc.  

A full guide of VoiceOver can be found at:

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