Playlist: OneNote Class Notebook Setup on a Mac

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While Microsoft is doing a great job of providing OneNote resources for teachers at, I find that Microsoft’s efforts are still pretty Windows/PC-centric.  In an effort to “translate” the process of creating a OneNote Class Notebook to the Mac realm, I’ve posted a new YouTube series just for Mac-wielding students and teachers.

Over the past year or so, I am impressed more and more by Microsoft’s efforts to make Office 365 more usable in the classroom.  Microsoft’s understanding of the day-to-day or period-to-period needs of students is best exemplified by OneNote Class Notebooks.  There are many improvements to this Sharepoint-powered feature.  Most notable of those improvements is the Class Notebooks tab, which gives teachers distribution and review abilities with many fewer clicks.  Bravo!  While the journey has been a long one, I am happier to come around to Microsoft’s Office 365 suite.

In the videos below, see how to set up and sync a Class Notebook to a Mac.  Also, learn about the features of the OneNote tab in the Mac OSX app (which is a little watered down from the PC version, but a huge productivity booster when using Class Notebooks).


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