Welcome to SHS Tech Tuesdays 2016-2017

What is “Tech Tuesday”?  For those of you new to or unfamiliar with Spartanburg High School and Spartanburg Freshman Academy, Tech Tuesday is one of the scheduled types of professional development I offer.  I set topics for every Tuesday, and the sessions are offered all periods, 1-7 in room 101D of the Media Center.  Come by during your planning periods.

New Year, New Strands!  In the schedule, you will notice that Tech Tuesday rotate around one of four strands each month: Schoology (which will have its own dedicated blog series as well), LanSchool; Office 365 and Bring Your Own Topic (BYOT).  Look below for an overview of the semester.

A commitment to ICYMI  Last year, I began to follow-up Tech Tuesday sessions with ICYMI blog posts, and I hope to do that again this year.  These posts and the series list to the right here will share resources referenced and notes about major ideas…even a screencast once in a while!

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