ICYMI Tech Tuesday – Bring Your Own Topic

On the second-Tuesday of the month, I host a regular Bring-Your-Own-Topic session on my Tech Tuesday rotation.  This has always been a great space to follow-up on prior trainings and also explore the complexities we realize after we go back and apply new learning to our classrooms.

This week, I took a different approach by “theming” this BYOT session around digital textbooks.  This helped to bring to the surface a number of workflow issues that we have with digital textbooks.  We also had time to realize that we got baited into some promises by textbook publishers that were not delivered (mostly having to do with offline student access, which continues to be a resistance that publishers present us).

Fortunately, we made some good progress otherwise. Teachers shared that students are really taking to Schoology and teachers themselves are finding it easy since we integrated with our SIS, Powerschool.  Here are some highlights of our discussions yesterday:


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