ICYMI Tech Tuesday – Schoology Q&A

How is Schoology going? What are you planning that we can get ready? In this session, bring your questions, and we will explore answers.

Yesterday, we did some exploring.  There were many teachers ready to set up Schoology assignments and quizzes. Math teachers were most interested in how we can get MathType easily talk to Schoology when copying over equations.  Our joint messaging as technology coaches across the district has been that “Schoology is easy out-of-the-box and highly customizable”, which was demonstrated yesterday.  Yes, we can build a quiz quickly, but when you look at the support pages for those features (linked above), you sure do get to customize those features to work for various situations.

Some important need-to-know information involved the jargon differences between Published quizzes and Available quizzes (in the Settings). You can Publish a quiz or test in a Schoology to course to make it available on students’ calendars, but students won’t see the questions of the quiz/test until teachers change the Availability.

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