Office 365’s Groups – Organizing Resources for Departments & School Activities

How do you keep in touch and share resources with your school club or team using Office 365? In this session, learn how to use Office 365 Groups to create a shared email thread, notebook, calendar of events/practices, storage for videos and a task manager. Keep your departments, clubs and activities up-to-date and organized with easy-to-use cloud tools.

Today’s Tech Tuesday explores some easily-confused features/terminology when it comes to contacting multiple email recipients.  t’s easy for us to think that teachers should create Groups because of how simply Microsoft named this feature.  First, we explored the differences between an Office 365 Group and a Distribution List.  Then, we looked at all of the powerful tools that go along with a Group creation — shared storage space, shared calendars, a shared planner and email threads (all of which all members can edit).  With Schoology being a big part of our school year, we also looked at how Groups compare there.



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