Can I schedule posts in Schoology like I could in Edmodo?

A popular feature from Edmodo that teachers have a hard time finding in Schoology is the scheduling option for assignments or quizzes.  This was popular for teachers who anticipated being out with a substitute and wanted activities to turn on when the period starts.  Teachers like to manage when students are exposed to information and when students start work.  Classroom management issues ensue when students start work in study hall and then have nothing to do during class.  I get it.  Fortunately, our conversion over to Schoology didn’t leave the scheduling functionality behind.

Schoology does this a little differently.  As opposed to on the assignment itself, you schedule a folder’s availability for a certain window.  It’s not a missing feature, just a moved one.

In the Resources menu, create a folder in your Course and change its Availability settings to Published during date range.  The contents of that folder will be Unpublished (hidden) until that date range begins.  You can thus schedule any Resource to appear when you want.

Published during date range - Schoology Folder

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