ICYMI Schoology 101 – Assignment Workflow & Grading

How do teachers send digital assignments and then provide written, verbal or video feedback on student assignments?  In this session, learn how to assign work, edit assignments, grade and provide feedback for students’ digital work.

Yesterday’s Tech Tuesday session was exciting.  As we approach the second quarter, teachers are moving more of their content and workflow into Schoology.  The structure of yesterday’s section was very flexible, depending on where teachers were at when they walked into our flexible learning space. Most of what we did and looked at was provided in my Schoology 100-level training course.

First, I offered for teachers to complete an assignment themselves to get the student perspective.  I had four different assignments prepared: an offline assignment with an embedded PHET simulation; an online analysis of an embedded GeoGebra interactive; a response to an embedded video; a typical writing reflection with a rubric; and a self-paced project folder that forced students to make certain benchmarks as they drafted presentation.  After teachers saw the assignment samples, we went about making those that interested them.  An accompanying folder also listed videos and written how-to / reference articles.

Schoology’s grading platform was probably most impressive to teachers.  The quick switch between submitted items, the markup and audio/visual recording aspects will really make assignments fly in and out of teachers’ grading stash.

If you need an Access Code for the Schoology course, just let me know!  Most of the resources are in the course.

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