ACT Question of the Day coming to you via Schoology!

As South Carolina transitions most of its school accountability system from being focused on HSAP to the ACT + WorkKeys one-two combo tests, many of the teachers at my school have been spending time learning about these new tests.  I had a conversation last semester with a math teacher after some professional development on the ACT math section, and we got to talking about what it would look like to get immediate feedback on practice ACT questions in Schoology.  He and I were looking at released tests (printed on paper), and I got to thinking about the hundreds of practice questions we can find on the web.  I also started thinking about the impact of our students taking the ACT statewide on computers for the first time (I know, wish us luck).

Combined with the Schoology Question Bank feature, we can now share sample questions school-wide so they are just a couple clicks away from our Schoology courses.  Teachers of all content areas can borrow from these banks as they prepare bellringers and even demonstrate test-taking skills.  We could never have done this kind of school-wide resource-sharing with Edmodo, especially at the question level.  One of the unique features that I’m starting to love about Schoology’s interpretation of mastery-based learning is that these question banks can be used to randomly generate a unique assessment for each student.  So, practice can look as similar or as different for each student.



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