ICYMI Putting the New Schoology Assessments to Work for State Test/EOC Prep

This week’s Tech Tuesday explored:

How can teachers utilize Schoology’s new interactive assessments to mimic South Carolina’s End-of-Course Exams?  In this session, learn how to create drag-and-drop labeling; timeline; sorting and other assessments with the upgraded features.

Last week, our school district opted-in to the beta of Schoology’s new Assessments features (see playlist here or their support pages here).  I’ve been so impressed with this new advancement ever since I participated in their webinar last spring.

Once we got access, my first thought was: How wonderful these would be for our South Carolina End-of-Course Exam Program (EOCEP) courses!  Freshmen English, Biology, Algebra and US History are courses that all have a standardized test in our state.  The state recently transitioned the EOCEP to an all-online format, and teachers have not been able to mimic the EOCEP question types in our LMS… until now!

So, this week, we compared some of the state-provided test questions to what Schoology Assessments can do.  I am particularly a fan of the Label Image question, which is so versatile in sciences, history, art or world language classes.  Finally, you can screenshot complex graphic organizers and have students “sort” labels into an image… of a cell… of a map… of a piece of art…of a classroom.  Oh, and it’s all self-grading!  Also of note are the Highlight Text questions, which would be great for grammar questions and assessing students’ skills at inferring from a text.  Below are some examples of the questions I took from the practice items and fitted them into the Schoology Assessments.

My teachers can find the rest of this week’s resources in our Schoology faculty page here.

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