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This week’s Tech Tuesday explored:

Great for learning stations or review on the ActivPanel, ClassFlow Activities let you build categorization, crossword, flash card, labeled diagram, matching, memory game, sequencing, timeline, word search and Venn diagram interactives. Use your ClassFlow Activities on an ActivPanel OR send them to students’ Macs!

As I have learned more about ClassFlow, I have come to appreciate how time-consuming creating your own materials can be.  However, since installing Promethean ActivPanels across our classrooms, there has been more expected from the typical classroom display.  With these new interactive displays, leaders hoped to see more interaction between teachers and students… in essence, a blending of digital materials that would be in front of the classroom and also on student devices.

Enter ClassFlow, Promethean’s (sometime) upgrade to ActivInspire.  In ClassFlow, you can build a card/slide-based lesson with a number of touch-enabled features and also engage students in the digital content on their screens.  ClassFlow Activities let teachers build materials with a low time investment that can be used over and over.  Really, Activities are the best place to start for the time-stretched teacher.  Activities get students categorizing, sequencing, and labeling diagrams.  Activities are also easy ways to make a digital crossword, word search, flashcards and memory games common to vocabulary instruction.

Get some great help by using ClassFlow’s contextual resource menu.

I guided teachers yesterday through some of my ClassFlow need-to-knows before we started building.  Teachers need to know that most content creation is best done in Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop (not your display).  We also went over how ClassFlow uses Office 365 for a single-sign-on experience that eliminates the need for another username/password combo.  After getting started and signed in, ClassFlow also does a great job providing videos in-context of the screen the user is on at the time.  So, teachers who wander off or need a refresher simply click on the drop-down to see two-minute YouTube videos on features.

My teachers can find the rest of this week’s resources in our Schoology faculty page here.


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