about me

This is where I should show my face...

portrait courtesy Josh Birnbaum

As a technology integration specialist, I coach teachers and work with students on effective uses of technology for learning.  Before working with teachers, my background is in teaching high school English through project-based learning (PBL) for a New Tech Network school.  

I was a student at the University of Illinois and found a particular passion for helping students with tech during my student teaching.  I’m a tinkerer at heart.  I think this is genetic, since my grandfathers were both pretty hands-on.  I was playing with an Erector set in my early years at my one grandfather’s house, which led later to a massive Lego collection.  At the other grandfather’s house, I was watching a lawyer build some his own furniture / cabinets on his driveway.  I grew up with a computer in my house and was the most active user.  Videogames took up a few too many days in my teens.  And then I became very active with digital publishing during my undergrad years.

I have completed my MSEd in Instructional technology; am venturing into teaching 21st century skills to my students; and looking forward to coaching teachers on how to make for deeper learning with the help of technology.  In the meantime, I’ve got a lot to do; a lot to read; and a lot to learn.

For the most up-to-date details on my career, see my LinkedIn profile.