As a blogger (and with varying direction on topics that I share on this blog), I need to put down a few more words here about the writings that I post.  This is a personal weblog with no commercial interests.  I share to the point I feel comfortable.  I started this blog in my undergrad to develop a catalog/portfolio of my then-growing intersets in photojournalism and photography.  Now that I am in the education profession and have an interest in how the Internet is shaping our lives, I am reflecting here on trends in education and technology.

I attribute others’ work to the best of my ability or knowledge.  If there are errors or you believe attribution is necessary, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Photos that do not have attribution (in general) have been shot by me – I spent/spend a lot of time with an eye in a viewfinder.

As a personal weblog, the entries express sometimes spontaneous reactions or opinions which may change with time.  I hold myself to be a lifelong learner, so many of the memes I catalog here may come back to teach me later on.  Living, learning and writing are all processes.  Posts do not necessarily express the same thoughts or opinions I hold today.

I also do not represent the positions or opinions of my employers,  acquaintances, friends or family (online or in ‘real’ life).

I reserve the right to remove or block comments that are abusive, profane or anonymous.

I do not use names in this blog and will do my best to protect the names of people I may write about.

I make no claim that this blog will be perfect – the author is, actually, human!  Posts are many times spontaneous and may require editing, further reflection or later corrections.


last edited: April, 2011