Office 365 in the Classroom: Brainstorming and Delegating in OneNote Collaboration Space

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Since last semester, I have been using OneNote Class Notebooks with my student help desk class.  Every quarter, students have an individual project and a team-based project (usually a training workshop they perform or a class visit).  This quarter, students are revising the Back to Mac Guide/iBook that I compiled last year for students.  The Read More …

Troubleshooting OneNote Class Notebooks

I’ve been working with teachers using OneNote Class Notebooks in our one-to-one MacBook environment.  They have been going very well, but as you integrate a new technology, there are always going to be hitches.  Below is a troubleshooting sheet that I’ve shared with teachers on how to do some in-class troubleshooting to three common frequently-asked-questions/issues.