#UIWP13 Portfolio – Intro

  1. An introduction / cover letter in which you give an overview of the contents of the portfolio. In the letter, you might discuss how the pieces represent your interests and your work in the institute; what you were thinking during your time at the SI; where your participation in the SI might lead in the future, etc.  (Note: This should be the “parent” page in WordPress; the items below should be the “children” of the “parent”.)


  1. Demonstration (.PPT, handouts, etc.) and reflection on your demonstration (incorporation of feedback you received)

  2. Selected morning/personal writings and contextualize as to how they reflected your thinking then and perhaps now

  3. Responses to the two professional readings you’ve done (What a Writer Needs and your book of choice)

  4. Reflection on your experiences with digital literacies during the SI.  Remember, we’ve done some things as a group and other things in demos.

    1. Post one of your videos (representation of your writing process/literacy narrative or video essay) and some reflection on the process of making of your video(s)

    2. Perhaps add something also on the experience of blogging, tweeting, and using GoogleDocs/Drive

  5. (optional) Anything else that seems appropriate (explain why)

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